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 Israel Shotridge


Israel's Legacy & Life Today

Tlingit Master Artist & Carver Israel Shotridge is a member of the Teikweidee Brown Bear Clan of the Taantakwan Tongass Tribe from Ketchikan.

Israel Shotridge has carved many monumental totem poles, house screens, bentwood boxes, masks, carved panels and other ceremonial objects in traditional Tlingit-style as well as creating contemporary designs in his work in a variety of mediums including his exploration in bronze and glass.

Israel is a master in engraving silver & gold as well as creating original formline designs. Shotridge's artworks can be seen around the world in public, private, and corporate Native art collections including many museums and cultural centers.


Shotridge has received many honors during his career. For Israel, his greatest accomplishments have been the preservation and perpetuation of his culture, by restoring and replicating his tribal totems.

Israel has also received artist fellowships and awards over the years such as the Alaska State Native Artist Fellowship in 1990, WA State Folk Artist Fellowship in 2009 and the NACF, a National foundation in 2015. Many independent films, editorials, article publications, and books have included images and info. of Shotridge’s artworks.


From decades of teaching and educating students/apprentices about cultural knowledge, Native art skills, and carving techniques; Shotridge's style of artwork leaves a legacy that will continue to impact future generations of Native artists.


Many beautiful images from Israel's extensive art portfolio & commissioned artwork from the past 30+ yrs that are featured throughout this website.

Nowadays you will find Shotridge reflecting on his career and spending time with his family. He also continues to create new formline designs for The Shotridge Collection reproductions, and still offers original artwork & jewelry on a limited basis by special request. 

Purchasing Israel's Art

Israel Shotridge’s original carvings and engraved jewelry can be found on the Shotridge e-commerce store when available:

Reproductions featuring Israel's designs are also available within The Shotridge Collection. Browse through our online catalog or visit our storefront, Raven's Nest on Vashon, WA.

Commission Requests

Shotridge accepts jewelry and art commissions, totem carvings & restorations, logo design, tattoo design, and more on a limited basis. If you are interested please contact:

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