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"As a highly skilled Master in Carving, Engraving, and Formline Design Israel ’s artwork has been sought after for decades by collectors wishing to acquire the finest in traditional Tlingit artistry."

Tlingit Master Artist/Carver Israel Shotridge was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska. He is a member of the Bear (Teikweidee) Clan of the Tongass (Taantakwan) Tribe. His Tlingit name is Kinstaádaál - The Bear that is Standing Up. Shotridge creates commissioned works of art in his home studio on Vashon Island, WA.

For over 35 years Shotridge has been creating traditional and contemporary artworks for public, private and corporate Native art collections world wide including: monumental totem poles, house screens, carved panels, canoes, ceremonial objects and engraved silver and gold jewelry.

"Israel Shotridge is widely regarded as one of today’s finest Tlingit carvers"

-Vashon Beachcomber

"Love your artwork, the stories explaining the art, I find fascinating."

-Cynthia Sterling

"Alaskan Native Artist, Israel Shotridge, brings to his work the pride and sensitivity of his Indian heritage.

The sophisticated beauty of the Tlingit designs are highly regarded in the world of art and his fine work is faithful to those traditional natural images."

-Swedish Medical Center

PA020196_2 2.JPG

Israel Shotridge & 8 year old grandson Tyler at the K.I.C Totem Pole Raising in Ketchikan, Alaska. 2006

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